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Finding answers on IT related questions is a complicated process if you’re not really passionate about it. Well for me it is easy because I AM passionate about it. Let me know what you want and I’ll let you know how much it will cost, how much time you will take and what you need to define. I’ll take care of the technical implementation of it all so that you can focus on content.

There are currently several ways of making the whole process cost efficient like remote working and using simplified solutions.

Innovi's services are supplied in three languages: French, English and Dutch.


Independent help in defining your needs, analysing available solutions and choosing the needed tool.

Because the simplest solution is always the best.

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Seting up your solutions to fit your needs, train your team and manage the changes for your teams and within processes.

  • Profesional integration
  • Adapted training
  • Easy to use documentation
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Web hostingHosting

Three simple hosting solutions that always fit your needs.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Or just ignore all the technical details, tell me what you need and I'll take care of everything.

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Easy solutions for your problems

Getting the right solution for your problem is not obvious when you're not an IT specialist. If you need help nothing is easier: just send a mail in the contact sheet and we'll let you know what we have to offer. We found and implemented solutions for email, contact and calendar syncronising, blogging websites, file servers, backup and so on. Leave it up to us to find you a solution that is adapted to your needs, easy to use and within your budget.

No surprises on the cost either, just 100% transparency. We'll give you an estimate straight away but count on between 50 and 100 euros for consulting on basic things we already know until 500 euros for finding you something really specific.

Solid advice

We'll go through the solutions for you

Our Services

  • Documenting your demands
  • Researching and comparing available solutions
  • Advising what is best
  • Advising on correct usage and procedures
  • Our implementation and hosting services are at your disposal

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Where to find us?

You can find us on all the basic social networks.

Implementing your solution

Implementations are often a follow up of our advice. Once you made a choice of software several questions come into play. Who will use it, how will it be installed and where, how should it be setup, how will I assist users in using the solution correctly?

These questions depend mostly on the users and the complexity of the tool. Some tools are ready to be used through the internet, others have to be installed on a PC or server. In either case Innovi is there to help, we can host and setup the solutions to your liking.

Pricing will really depend on your needs but having to ask for a quote to get a clearer picture is not always practical. Here you find some examples of standard cases we can come across.

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We take care of everything

File server

John needs to share his files with his colleagues and have the files backed up automatically. Innovi advised a tool called Freenas and John bought a server on which Innovi setup the whole system. Price: 200 euros

A simple website

Lisa wanted a website with a blog and a professional looking design that she could easily update herself. She stumbled upon designers that charged thousands of euros and hosting providers that offered cheap designs that looked… well… cheap. Innovi advised a Wordpress website with a … design that was tweaked to her needs. Price: 500 euros


Audrey has a small company with employees in Marocco and China. She wants a CRM, you know, one of those tools that allows you to store information of your clients, contacts, prospects and invoicing and make it accessible to her employees. Innovi advised and setup Worketc based on the needs she expressed. Price 300 euros (or more depending on requirements)

Hosting and beyond

Wheather you want to host a simple website, a blog or an advanced webservice, we can do it all. Hosting your existing website with Innovi makes your life a whole lot easier. Creating a new one opens a world of possibilities you never even knew existed.

We can take care of moving your website for you. Help you choose the best way of creating your website or create your website for you.

A very common issue is small companies that want to have a nice and professional looking website thinking this would cost thousands of euros. It doesn’t have to: our website would have cost 500 euros to install and 100 euros a year to maintain. A system that allows you to easilly change the pages yourself is included.

Still too much? For us supplying a service is more important than profit. With each service Innovi can assist you with installing the same things on a hosting plan of one of our competitors or a manual can be provided if you prefer doing this yourself. I’m convinced you wouldn’t get the same level of service but it’s true that hosting can be very cheap with some other companies out there. We're not picky, we’ll even help you find the best one.

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Keeping it simple

Small - 3€/month

    Used mostly by freelancers and small companies. Covers all your basic needs for a simple and small website with a small amount of visitors each month. Ideal if just want to allow your customers to find some basic information about you on the web, nothing more, nothing less.

  • 100 MB storage
  • 1 GB of traffic/month

Medium - 10€/month

    Midsized companies usually go for this one. It allows for more space for mailboxes and maybe hosting some larger content like sound and some video files. Also there is a possibility of hosting multiple sites with this one or putting in place systems with dynamic content like blogs.

  • 500 MB storage
  • 5 GB of traffic/month
  • 3 domains
  • 1 SQL database

Large - 20€/month

    You need more because of managing different sites, bigger files or more visitors, your hosting package grows with you. And while this is the biggest package we offer, we can deliver any tailor made hosting solution you require. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more space than this.

  • 2000 MB storage
  • 20000 GB of traffic/month
  • 5 domains
  • 3 SQL databases

About us, well me that is

    My name is Willem and my company's objective is to accompany small and medium enterprises as well as freelancers by proposing simple but high added value IT services. My strong points are my passion for IT and my personalized approach towards my clients.

    As an IT consultant I have worked on the implementation of different tools, from accounting tools to mail services to software that makes cash registers work. This goes from requirement analysis and setup to assistence and training.

    IT has been a passion of mine ever since I was 9 and my uncle left his computer at our place for the vacation. This was back in the days when PC’s ran on text commands rather than a pretty windows environment. This clearly being a passion of mine I got my own at the age of thirteen and I haven’t been able to let go of it since.

    Discovering things on my own allowed me to regularly help the people around me with PC related issues. I understand the issues that we can encounter on our computers but I also speak a language that allows me to explain it clearly to people who use a PC as a tool, not a passion. As such I was able to help small company owners building a website, repair or simply unblock their PC’s, help them find the right tools for their needs and train hundreds of users on very different tools for different companies. After obtaining some experience with this I noticed that the IT market lacked transparency. It is a market in which many companies spend too much money on issues that could be quite simple. This is an issue for companies that didn’t have millions of euros to spend on finding the right solutions. This while there are a lot of solutions out there that solve very common issues, are very easy to integrate and use and aren’t very pricey at all.

    Today my clients are looking for:

  • Simple, usable solutions that are supplied in transparent and coherent processes.
  • Not having to deal with a support platform that costs money without giving any guarantee on the issue being solved.
  • Having one person that serves as a main contact, that advises them and that is responsible for following up.
  • Innovi’s mission is to make IT solutions more accessible to artists, freelancers, small and medium sized companies. An adapted advice, direct answers and simple solutions delivered with clear guarantees. The difference is in an adapted answer and a personal contact. Once you sign in you have your personal consultant. Any questions you might have or problems you encounter, this person with always be your contact and responsible for Innovi’s service towards you. No anonymous helpdesk, just a quick and adapted answer.

To contact Innovi you can click on the open ticket button below which will take you to the contact form. Whether it is for a question, remarks, tips or because you want to know more about the services you found on this website, I'll be happy to help.

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